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DirectGlow is an Authorized Distributor of Litecube Products

MultiColor 8 Mode Rainbow LiteCubes 3 Mode Single Color LiteCubes 3 Mode Single Color Tinted Jewel LiteCubes
LiteCubes Theme Packs Custom Printed Litecubes LiteCubes Variety Packs
LiteCubes Pumpkin LiteCubes Skull LiteCubes Rainbow Footballs
LiteCubes Rainbow Golf Balls LiteCube Tube & Gift Bag Sets

We have been a professional LiteCube dealer for the last 10+ years. All cubes are fully guaranteed to be functional.We back our products 100% and will ensure your LiteCubes experience meets your expectations and beyond!

Any LiteCube purchase totaling $99.99 or more gets FREE SHIPPING in the domestic USA regardless of color combination! Discounts by quantity are offered and are shown on each respective product page.