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Blacklight Reactive Fabric Paints Glow in the Dark Fabric Paints
Tulip brand fashion paints for crafts and fabrics have been the paints of choice for crafters of all skill levels. A brand to trust, Tulip paints have brought more joy to crafters over the years than any other craft paint on the market. Today, crafters still turn to Tulip for inspiration through their favorite techniques, while discovering the ease and beauty of exciting new dimensional painting with Tulip paints.Adheres easily to fabric, wood, glass, ceramics, and more!

Blacklight Reactive Tulip paints are highly neon colored in normal light and glow exceptionally well under UV blacklight. Glow in the dark Tulip brand fabric paints glow after being charged with light AND will also glow under UV blacklight.

Click on either picture to see the available products in UV blacklight reactive OR glow in the dark.